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What does Spain’s 2019 general election mean for Christians?


Spain held a general election on Sunday, which saw Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist Party rout the center-right opposition. “For liberty-minded Christians, this was the worst possible outcome,” writes Ángel Manuel García Carmona in a detailed analysis of the process, and outcome, of the election posted today at Religion & Liberty Transatlantic.

Socialists from PSOE [Sanchez’s Socialist Party] and communists from Podemos will increase taxes and the bureaucratic burden of government regulation, while debt levels increase anyway. Their coalition will accelerate these trends faster than the social democrats of PP and the C’s.

Sanchez will promote gender ideology and “advance” the culture of death via the pending legalization of euthanasia. Abortion laws will remain the same or be made even more lax.

These problems have no short-term political solution. Civil society must remain vigilant and engaged in the struggle for liberty, human dignity, and tradition against the relativist nihilism of Marxist influences.

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Rev. Ben Johnson

Rev. Ben Johnson is Executive Editor of the Acton Institute's flagship journal Religion & Liberty and edits its transatlantic website.