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PowerLinks 05.24.19

Tucker Carlson and AOC Are Wrong About Christianity and Usury
Tyler Curtis, Mises Wire

While Carlson and Ocasio-Cortez are technically correct when they claim that Christians have condemned usury in the past, they have left out the other half of the story.

Africa Just Created a Major Free Trade Bloc That Will Add Billions in Wealth
Alexander Hammond, FEE

So far, 22 African Union member-states have ratified the free-trade area, and more are expected to join in the coming months.

The Equality Act Will Harm Religious Freedom
Thomas F. Farr, RealClearReligion

Supporters of the Equality Act claim it will increase equality in America, but it will actually harm one of the most fundamental rights we all share as Americans – religious freedom. It purports to ban discrimination, but it actually bans disagreement.

How Louisiana Undermined Its Own School Choice Program
Jude Schwalbach, The Daily Signal

The Louisiana Scholarship Program has produced lower testing results than private school choice programs in other states.

Joe Carter

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