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PowerLinks 07.16.19

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Religious Liberty: The Long View
David G. Bonagura Jr., Crisis Magazine

Catholics do not need reminders that, despite a series of small victories brought by the Supreme Court in the last few years, a different court could have produced a different verdict.

Social Capital Is America’s True Stock-in-Trade
Erin Rodewald , RealClearPolitics

When describing the American Dream, buzzwords like “prosperity,” “homeownership,” and “upward mobility” likely come to mind. However, it is not material wealth, but social capital that is America’s true stock-in-trade.

Farm Subsidies Are Corporate Welfare — And They Cost Us Plenty
Paul Boyce, Mises Wire

What these subsidies have done is create a floor for food prices. This is essentially a win-win for farmers. When supply exceeds demand, government steps in to make up the difference. Consequently, this prevents prices from falling, but at the cost to the consumer.

How Do I Discern if My Ambition Is Godly?
Amy DiMarcangelo, TGC

Godly ambition requires both hustle and humility.

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