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PowerLinks 07.22.19

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As religious freedom summit ends, State Department announces new alliance, sanctions
Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service

Trump administration officials announced a new alliance with U.S. partners focused on religious freedom and new sanctions against foreign military officials supporting countries the U.S. considers to be instigators of religious persecution.

Can Unalienable Rights Be Rescued from Human Rights?
Stefano Gennarini, Public Discourse

Can the US Commission on Unalienable Rights help correct the international human rights paradigm? It all depends on how brave the Trump Administration and Secretary Pompeo are in translating the suggestions of the commission into public policy—both for the State Department and the United Nations.

Minimum Wage: A Most Remarkable Belief
Pierre Lemieux, EconLib

This is a most remarkable belief. It means that the state should purposely intervene to harm some citizens in order to favor others. If the state represents all citizens equally, how could this discrimination be justified?

What Does the Bible Say about Private Property?
Art Lindsley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Minimally, the prohibition against stealing means that it is wrong to take someone else’s property without his or her permission.

Joe Carter

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