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PowerLinks 07.30.19

Communism and Catholicism Are Not Compatible
Nora Sullivan, CNS News

Just as Communism is actively opposed to Christianity, so is Catholicism opposed to communism both in practice and in theory.

Capitalism Isn’t the Reason We’re Unhappy
Ryan McMaken, Mises Wire

Doctrinaire anti-capitalists have now branched out into blaming capitalism for a host of other social, ecological, and psychological ills.

The Misery of Democratic Socialism
Ben R. Crenshaw, Public Discourse

Bernie Sanders has openly declared “democratic socialism” as his guiding political and economic vision. Yet democratic socialism is incoherent as a philosophy and toxic as a way of economic and civil organization. It inevitably collapses into the abusive and destructive twentieth-century socialism we are familiar with. We should reject it unconditionally.

‘Tis a Gift to Do ‘Undignified’ Work
Jeff Haanen, Christianity Today

Blue-collar labor often goes unappreciated and under-rewarded. How can that change?

Joe Carter

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