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PowerLinks 08.07.19

Humanitarianism and the Greatest Commandments
Chandler Lasch, Real Clear Religion

A love of man that denies both the image of God in him and his fallen nature turns man into a false god.

Today’s Democratic Socialism Versus the Age-Old Version: A Comparison
Svetozar Pejovich, Law and Liberty

The fundamental institutional arrangements that define the difference between capitalism and socialism in general are, respectively, “the rule of law” and “the rule through law.”

Between Gods and Men: Natural Law and Religious Pluralism
Karen Taliaferro, Public Discourse

Only natural law stands “between gods and men.” It employs human reason and observation, yet it admits of a divine creator behind nature—and therefore something inherently normative about naturally given ends.

Students Brushed Aside as Christian School Cut From Voucher Program
Carmel Kookogey, The Daily Signal

When the state of Maryland found out that Bethel Christian Academy affirms the biblical view of marriage in its student handbook, officials last fall cut the Baltimore-area school from a state-sponsored school voucher program, arguing it practiced sexual discrimination.

Joe Carter

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