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PowerLinks 08.13.19

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There Is No Government Shortcut for Entrepreneurial Success
Brooke Medina and Doug McCullough, FEE

Elizabeth Warren’s belief that government is capable of “leveling the playing field” does a disservice to the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem that free enterprise facilitates.

New rules can deny green cards for immigrants on food stamps
Colleen Long, Associated Press

Trump administration rules that could deny green cards to immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance are going into effect, one of its most aggressive moves to restrict legal immigration.

‘Using the Lord’s name in vain’: Evangelicals chafe at Trump’s blasphemy
Gabby Orr, Politico

A Trump-supporting West Virginia state senator who represents many evangelicals got three phone calls from constituents complaining about Trump’s profanity after a recent rally.

Hong Kong Shows the Flaws in China’s Zero-Sum Worldview
Michael Schuman, The Atlantic

Beijing’s growing power is limited by its narrow decision making and approach to negotiations.

Joe Carter

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