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Wealth and Poverty in Light of the Gospel

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Rev. Robert A. Sirico
Rev. Robert A. Sirico

On Monday, October 2, Acton President Rev. Robert A. Sirico debated the President and Founder of Evangelicals for Social Action, Dr. Ronald J. Sider on the campus of Calvin Theological Seminary. The topic of their exchange was Wealth and Poverty in Light of the Gospel: How Can Christians Work Together if We Disagree? The event was jointly sponsored by Calvin Seminary and Western Theological Seminary.

Their spirited exhange is now available online in both video (streaming video – Real media format NOTE: the presentation begins about 6 minutes into the video) and audio format. Both the video and audio appear courtesy of Calvin Seminary.

Dr. Ronald J. Sider
Dr. Ronald J. Sider

You can also review a responses to the debate from the Kruse Kronicle, and an overview of the event from the Kerux, Calvin Theological Seminary’s student newsletter. And as always, your thoughts and reactions are welcome in the comments section below.

Update 8/5/2013: A reader informed us that the media files originally linked in this post have since gone offline. To make amends, I’ve re-posted the audio, which you can listen to via the player below:

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One thought on “Wealth and Poverty in Light of the Gospel

  1. Brilliant discussion. Good program and a must see for this important subject.

    At one point, it seemed like Fr. Sirico nearly had Dr. Sider coming over to the side of truth and light and against Statism, but alas, the Dr. opted for the State vs. the Citizens.

    I was hanging on till the end, as Dr. Sider had accused Fr. of wanting to concentrate power in the hands of a few, making me question if Dr. Sider knew who Lord Acton was. Fr. skewered his argument, stating “If you are so concerned about the concentration of power, why do you want more power to be in the hands of politicians”

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