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The Final Countdown: 2 weeks left for schools to apply for the Catholic High School Honor Roll

How is the 80’s song “The Final Countdown” by the band Europe tied to sound Catholic secondary education? Surprisingly, it’s through Acton’s Catholic High school Honor Roll.

After a short prayer, the below video shows the pep band for Xavier High School in Appleton, Wisconsin pumping up the crowd for its Honor Roll announcement this past Fall. After applying for the Honor Roll last year, the school earned a place among the Top 50 Catholic high schools in the United States.

The second half of the announcement ceremony can be seen here.

This type of recognition and attention is typical of schools that excel in the Honor Roll’s 3 areas of examination: academics, Catholic identity, and civic education. The program serves as an incentive for schools to excel in these areas, and it is a resource for parents, schools, colleges, and donors. Along with this recognition opportunity, applicant schools receive thorough evaluations with valuable feedback.

Schools can apply online at by May 15, 2008. However, many fine schools have not heard about the program or do not take the time to submit an application. It is a tragedy for schools – perhaps even Catholic schools you know – to miss this opportunity.

Many of the schools that do not apply may be your alma mater or located in your area. Your encouragement will help them reap the substantial benefits the program offers. Contacting the principal and development director at these schools goes a long way to encourage schools to participate in the Honor Roll.