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Today we unleashed a snazzy new version of our weekly newsletter (delivered to your mailbox every Wednesday afternoon), Acton News and Commentary. Today’s issue features a new commentary written by Anthony Bradley entitled “Ghetto Cracker: The Hip Hop ‘Sell Out’,” links to the new Policy Forum on faith-based charities, a new CD release, and links to some of our blog posts. Its a great weekly publication and we encourage you all to sign up for it if you haven’t already.

Go here to sign up for this newsletter. From this page you can also sign up for our Environmental Stewardship e-newsletter, Religion & Liberty, and the Journal of Markets & Morality.

On a related note – the Acton podcast which features Acton staff and experts on various radio shows around the country is now available via the iTunes Music Store. To subscribe, go to the iTunes Music Store, click the Podcasts link in the navigation bar on the top left side of the store, and then search for Acton. There should be a link that says “subscribe” when you are presented with the search results. Or you could just follow this link.

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