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PowerLinks – 03.27.13

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U.S. Could Be Courting Trouble in Europe
Joel Kotkin, New Geography

One has to be a cockeyed optimist not to see that the long-term prognosis, even without the current euro crisis, is not good.

Can You Know God’s Will for Your Job?
J.B. Wood, The High Calling

The other day my friend asked a rather blunt and personal question: “Do you think it is God’s will for you to be at the company you’re with right now?”

Property and the Regulatory State at the Supreme Court
Adam J. MacLeod, Public Discourse

The Supreme Court’s conflicted rulings on whether the government must compensate property owners for burdening their rights and interests raises questions about the value of private property in American life.

Will We Use Up All Our Resources?
Jay W. Richards, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Fears about running out of resources are as old as the human race. In the 1800′s, demographer Thomas Malthus predicted that a swelling human population would quickly overtake food production and lead to widespread famine. It didn’t happen.

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