PowerLinks 08.15.13
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PowerLinks 08.15.13

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Employment Law
Paul McHugh and Gerard V. Bradley, Public Discourse

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would equate sexual orientation and gender identity, ambiguous and malleable concepts, with immutable features like race, color, and ethnicity as classes worthy of special legal protection.

Why Big Brother Is A Big Problem
Wesley Gant, Values & Capitalism

Politics is fundamentally about decision-making. While we still sing that America is “the land of the free,” more and more decisions about the way we live and work are being centralized to a 10 square-mile district on the Potomac River.

“Subdue the Earth” and “Till It and Keep It”: Responding to God’s Cultural Commands
R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine

There are many ways to respond to this primal call. I will describe one way it is relevant to me by providing a short theology of gardening. I will then broaden the discussion to show the relevancy of God’s cultural commands more generally.

Common Core: A Threat to Catholic Education
Phyllis Schlafly, Crisis Magazine

Although Common Core was designed specifically to address public school failings, the standards are impacting Catholic schools as well.

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