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PowerLinks 08.19.13

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The Right Kind of Federalism
Rich Tucker, The Foundry

In government, as in retail, competition works. It tends to reduce costs and improve services. So the proper kind of federalism is one that creates competition among the states.

Wal-mart and the Prosperity Magic Wand
Anne Bradley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Christians believe that we live in a fallen world which is dominated by scarcity. In this world, scarce resources have multiple and competing ends. We must find ways to allocate those scarce resources wisely and to contribute to the flourishing of mankind—this is what is means to be a good steward.

Religious Freedom in Search of Its Argument – Abroad
Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

To make the case for religious freedom in that vast outside world bears a critical resemblance to the task of making the case for religious freedom as a “natural right.”

Classical schools put Plato over iPad
Julia Duin, CNN

Parents like them, too; the number of classical schools – public and private – is growing. The curriculum has helped to boost enrollment at religious schools and inspired new public schools.

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