PowerLinks 07.07.14
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PowerLinks 07.07.14

Faith and the Employer
Bruce Frohnen, The Imaginative Conservative

For someone claiming to “build cultures of evangelization” to tell an employee that he is simply wrong to recognize the unfairness of a stealth overtime requirement, that he has lost no “employee right” is morally, economically, and spiritually obtuse.

How Teacher Tenure Hurts Students
Lindsey Burke, The Daily Signal

“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program,” quipped Milton Friedman. The same could be said of teachers with tenure.

The Righteous Mind and the Inner Ring
Alan Jacobs, The New Atlantis

This, I think, is how our “moral matrices,” as Haidt calls them, are formed: we respond to the irresistible draw of belonging to a group of people whom we happen to encounter and happen to find immensely attractive.

Is Your Office Too Cutthroat for Kindness?
John Kyle, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

I think we might process kindness in a visceral way rather than in a cognitive way. We feel kindness more than we think about it.

Joe Carter

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