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Could the response to the Coronavirus lead to another Great Depression? Fr. Robert Sirico, President of Acton Institute discusses how to balance public safety and economic reality with EWTN's Raymond Arroyo. Tune in Thursday, April 9 at 8:30 PM EST.

We’ve just posted the final bundle of 107 audio files from Acton University 2014 available for $14.95 at our digital download store.  Our lunch and evening lectures are also free, including talks from:

Rev. Robert Sirico, co-founder of the Acton Institute and author of Defending the Free Market
Makoto Fujimura,
Artist and Public Intellectual
Andy Crouch, Executive Editor, Christianity Today
Ross Douthat,
Op-Ed Columnist, New York Times

Here’s the full list of lectures:

  1. Opening Lecture – Rev. Robert A. Sirico
  2. Culture Care: From Common Grace to Loving Your Enemies – Makoto Fujimura
  3. Getting Social Justice Right – Ryan Anderson
  4. Christian Anthropology – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  5. Biblical Theology of Covenant – Dr. Scott Hahn
  6. Hope for the Inner City – Ismael Hernandez
  7. Abraham Kuyper, Common Grace and Business – Dr. Peter Heslam
  8. Freedom Without God – Dr. Jay Richards
  9. Value Investing – David Bahnsen
  10. Innovation and Divine Creativity – Prof. Ross Emmett
  11. Spiritual Dangers of Doing Good – Peter Greer
  12. Christian Vision of Government – Michael Matheson Miller
  13. Markets and Monasticism – Dylan Pahman
  14. How God’s OT People Influenced Culture – Rev. Dr. Svetlana Papazov
  15. Myths and Realities of the Early Church – The Very Rev. Michael Butler
  16. Why Civilizations Die – David Goldman
  17. The Economic Way of Thinking – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  18. Freedom of Conscience – Judge Andrew Napolitano
  19. The Moral Case for Economic Growth – Dr. Ed Noell
  20. Crony Capitalism – Dr. Jay Richards
  21. Social Consequences of the Welfare State – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  22. Alexis de Tocqueville: Prophet of our Times – Dr. Kenneth Grasso
  23. Biblical Theology of Law – Dr. Scott Hahn
  24. Catholic Social Teaching, Entrepreneurship and Development – Dr. Peter Heslam
  25. Entrepreneurial Culture: How it Supports Innovation – Robert Luddy
  26. The Economy of Israel in the Age of King Solomon – Very Rev. Patrick Henry Reardon
  27. Biblical Foundations of Freedom – Dr. Charles Self
  28. The Golden Sea – Makoto Fujimura
  29. Islam 101 – Mustafa Akyol
  30. Private Charity: A Practitioner’s View – Rudy Carrasco
  31. Catholic Social Teaching 101 – Rev. Raymond DeSouza
  32. Cultural Aesthetics in a Free Society – Dr. David Deavel
  33. Judaism and the Market Economy – Dr. Steven Grosby
  34. Poverty in the Developing World – Michael Matheson Miller
  35. The Family and the Market – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  36. On Reading and Living the Bible Well – Glenn Paauw
  37. Myths About the Market – Dr. Jay Richards
  38. John Wesley: Social Entrepreneur – Dr. Charles Self
  39. Mission Drift – Peter Greer
  40. Deficits and Debt – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  41. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Modern Critique of Modernity – Kishore Jayabalan
  42. Calvin Coolidge and his Foundational Views on Government – Ray Nothstine
  43. The End and Rise of Socialism – Dr. James Otteson
  44. Thomas Jefferson v. Alexander Hamilton – Dr. John Pinhiero
  45. Community and Economic Development – Justin Beene
  46. Property Rights in the Old Testament I – Dr. John Bergsma
  47. Human Trafficking – Kim Biddle
  48. Christopher Dawson and the Dynamics of History – Dr. Bradley Birzer
  49. How To Talk About Natural Law – Dr. J. Budziszewski
  50. Envy and Its Discontents – Dr. Victor Claar
  51. The Economics of Caritas in Veritate – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  52. Religious Liberty and the Entrepreneurial Economy – Dr. Greg Forster
  53. Economic Growth, The Rule of Law, and the Image of God – PJ Hill
  54. The Family and The State – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  55. Theology of Work – Dr. Scott Rae
  56. Free Market Thought: Austrian Economics – Lawrence Reed
  57. Progressivism: Theory and Critique – Dr. Kevin Schmiesing
  58. Evangelicals and Social Justice – Dr. John Teevan
  59. Power – Andy Crouch
  60. Theories of Inequality and Fairness: Affirmative Action – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  61. Islam 101 – Mustafa Akyol
  62. Property Rights in the Old Testament II – Dr. John Bergsma
  63. Orthodoxy and Natural Law – Very Rev. Michael Butler
  64. Whatever Happened to Bible Engagement? – Paul Caminti
  65. Education and the Free Society – Dr. Todd Flanders
  66. Religious Liberty and the Challenges to Conscience – Prof. Gerard Bradley
  67. The Rise and Fall of the European Social Market – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  68. Cultural Critiques of Capitalism – Michael Matheson Miller
  69. The Enduring Allure of Karl Marx – Dr. James Otteson
  70. Christianity and Postmodernity – John Stonestreet
  71. Marriage Makes the Man – Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  72. The Social Vision of Abraham Kuyper – Dr. Vincent Bacote
  73. The Social Teaching of John Paul II – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  74. Second Thoughts: Newman on Political and Economic Liberty – Dr. David Deavel
  75. Our Cultural Crisis: Restoring a Vision of the Permanent Things – Dr. Vigen Guroian
  76. Free Market Thought: Public Choice Theory – Dr. P.J. Hill
  77. Are the Poor ‘Blessed’ If we Make them Rich? – Dr. Peter Kreeft
  78. Religion, Social Trends and Demographics – Dr. Yuri Mantilla
  79. Partnership Based Community Development – Rev. Dr. Svetlana Papazov
  80. Religious Liberty: The Dawn of the First Amendment – Dr. John Pinhiero
  81. Vocational Stewardship and Community Transformation – Dr. John Teevan
  82. The Austrian Tradition on Social and Economic Order – Jeffrey Tucker
  83. Tolkien and the Free Society – Dr. Jonathan Witt
  84. Economic Justice in the Old Testament – Dr. John Bergsma
  85. Marketplace as Social Shalom – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  86. History of Political Economy – Dr. Chad Brand
  87. How to Talk About Natural Law – Dr. J. Budziszewski
  88. Distributism: Theory and Critique – Dr. Todd Flanders
  89. The Church and Modern Civilization – Dr. Greg Forster
  90. Latin America: New Pathways of Development – Anielka Munkel
  91. Adam Smith, Markets, and Morality – Dr. James Otteson
  92. Business and the Common Good – Dr. Scott Rae
  93. “Get Your Hands Dirty” – Dr. Jordan Ballor
  94. Stewardship 101 – Dr. Kent Wilson
  95. Statesman: The Thought of Leo XIII – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  96. Bad Religion – Ross Douthat
  97. The Economics of Mutuality – Dr. Steven Garber
  98. Benedict XVI and the Crisis of Europe – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  99. John Locke and Christian Teaching on Property – Kishore Jayabalan
  100. Good, True, and Beautiful: C.S. Lewis – Dr. Peter Kreeft
  101. Moral Imagination – Michael Matheson Miller
  102. Can Business and Religion Get Along? Evidence from History – Dr. Kevin Schmiesing
  103. Statism in Poor Countries: A Field Guide – Dr. Stephen Smith
  104. Worship or Participation: The Role of Religion in Public Life – John Stonestreet
  105. The Family Foundations of the American Dream – Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  106. The Common Good in Seven Words – Andy Crouch
  107. A Conversation with Ross Douthat – Douthat & Sirico

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