PowerLinks 10.02.14
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PowerLinks 10.02.14

Fusionism, Hobby Lobby, and the Constitution
Brandon James Smith, Public Discourse

Responses to the Hobby Lobby case demonstrate the importance of conservatives and libertarians working toward common goals.

John Carroll: America’s Bishop
George J. Galloway, Catholic Exchange

When President James Madison asked for and received, by a narrow margin, a declaration of war against Great Britain in 1812, there was one man in the new republic who knew exactly what to do: John “Jackie” Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore, an aging shepherd of a small and widely diverse flock, in a fledgling democracy about to enter into war against the greatest sea power on earth, got on his knees and dedicated America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Recessions drive down fertility rates for more than a decade
Sarah Kliff, Vox

When the economy goes south, Americans tend to have fewer babies. Researchers have know this for awhile and, intuitively, it makes sense: tough economic times can put the costs of raising a child out of reach. The pattern has repeated itself again and again, with birth rates dropping as unemployment rises.

Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch ‘Lean In’-Type Program for Christian Women
Kate Shellnutt, Christianity Today

Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.

Joe Carter

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