PowerLinks 12.30.14
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PowerLinks 12.30.14

Catholic Higher Education in Ruins
Robert Oscar Lopez , Crisis Magazine

Before there was Pope Francis, there was a different Francis from Assisi, Italy. Back in the twelfth century, St. Francis heard the call to fix a church falling into ruins. Now it is the twenty-first century, and this Francis ought to hear the call to fix Catholic colleges falling into ruins.

Economic development promotes democracy, but there’s a catch
Daniel Treisman, Washington Post

Does economic development cause countries to become more democratic? A vast literature says yes. Except for a few petrostates, mostly in the Persian Gulf, almost all the richest countries have responsive and accountable governments.

The Continuing Story of the ‘Greatest Collective Humanitarian Endeavor in the History of the World’
Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Corner

African Mission Healthcare Foundation teams up with clinics, hospitals, and other groups that have been at work on the ground, offering funding and other support. Dr. Fielder has served as a full-time doctor and director of AMHF in both Malawi and Kenya. He talked about some of his work with National Review Online.

Jesus as the Best Management Model
Glenn Brooke , Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Though it sounds goofy to some, I unashamedly rely upon this question to help me be a better person and project manager, and a better leader: “What would Jesus do?”

Joe Carter

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