PowerLinks 03.09.15
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PowerLinks 03.09.15

Should Catholics Oppose the Death Penalty?
John Zmirak, The Stream

Four major Catholic papers have called for an end to capital punishment, but church teaching is more complicated

Rick Warren: “Thank Baptists for Religious Liberty”
Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism

Baptists have long been champions of religious freedom, recounted mega church pastor Rick Warren and Southern Baptist spokesman Russell Moore, in a panel moderated by Judge Ken Starr, president of Baptist affiliated Baylor University.

Jobs move people out of poverty
Angela Rachidi, AEI Ideas

Last week, Keith Hall was selected to be the new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) director. A few high profile past CBO analyses – scoring the Affordable Care Act and a minimum wage hike – have drawn more attention to the appointment than usual. But his views on poverty – namely, that jobs help people escape poverty – also deserve a look.

The Right Figures Out How To Tell Stories
Nicole Russell, The Federalist

Finally someone on the Right is telling stories as good as the other guys–with real people, real problems, and conservative solutions.

Joe Carter

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