PowerLinks 03.11.15
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PowerLinks 03.11.15

Regulating people out of jobs
Sean Higgins, Washington Examiner

Single mother Tameka Stigers figured that she could use her skill at braiding hair to support her family. She soon discovered it wasn’t that easy: Missouri required that she get a cosmetology license before she could do it professionally.

The Rich Roots and Spoiled Fruits of Liberal Toleration
Jeremy Neill, Public Discourse

After decades of efforts to be emancipated from religious influences, the toleration of political liberals is still only an impoverished relative of its classical cousin.

There’s a global war for internet freedom. And the U.S. is losing.
James Poulos, The Week

Uually, grand geopolitical scares are a little overblown. The fact is that America’s powerful economic, cultural, and political advantages have proven to be more than enough to prevent darkness from sweeping over the globe. Until, maybe, now.

Mama Maggie Gobran Serves Children in Egypt’s Slums
Merrit Kennedy , AP

The Coptic Christian, who focuses on education for Egypt’s trash collectors, has drawn comparisons to Mother Theresa.

Joe Carter

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