PowerLinks 06.04.15
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PowerLinks 06.04.15

When Discrimination Means Death
Dominic Bouck, O.P., First Things

It is fascinating that a racial profiling incident that deprived someone of, at most, 9oz of soda can take precedence over the gang-rape of a nun, church burnings, murder, and systematic cover-ups from high ranking Hindus.

Christian teachers in Kenya stage walkout because of terrorism
Fredrick Nzwili, Crux

Recent attacks by Somalia’s al-Shabab Muslim militant group have forced the closure of dozens of schools in Kenya’s north, as Christian teachers refuse to work because of security fears.

Catholicism, Capitalism, and Caritas: The Continuing Legacy of Michael Novak
Nathaniel Peters, Public Discourse

In a time of intense debate about global capitalism and the power of economic elites, Michael Novak’s work is essential reading for those who seek to work for free and virtuous societies. Novak’s life is also a lesson in charity.

The Imaginary Economics of Henry Ford
Kevin D. Williamson, The Corner

The self-financing pay hike represents an especially illiterate and annoying species of magical thinking. The only way to make a society wealthier is to make it wealthier, i.e. to produce more goods and services. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/419128/imaginary-economics-henry-ford-kevin-d-williamson

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