PowerLinks 06.08.15
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PowerLinks 06.08.15

Michigan Bill Would Add to Regulations on Homeschooling
Kate Scanlon, The Daily Signal

The legislation follows the deaths of two Detroit children whose mother explained their absence from a traditional school by claiming they were being homeschooled.

Where Should Poor People Live?
Alana Semuels, The Atlantic

Studies say that lower-income people do better when they live in affluent neighborhoods, but rich people don’t want them there. A few states are seeking ways around that resistance.

The ‘Mass Incarceration’ Myth Suffers a Heavy Blow
John P. Walters, The Weekly Standard

“The quality of mercy is not straine’d,” implored Shakespeare’s Portia, meaning it should not be difficult or forced. But President Obama’s Clemency Project, an effort to free “a whole bunch of good citizens who committed one little mistake” and ended up with more than 10 years in prison, is starting to look a little, well, “strain’d,” indeed.

Campus Censorship is The Feds’ Fault
Robby Soave, The Daily Beast

How obscure federal bureaucrats are squashing free expression on college campuses.

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