EcoLinks 06.08.15
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EcoLinks 06.08.15

Frs. Reese and Sirico on the Encyclical: What We Can Learn
David Cloutier, Catholic Moral Theology

If creation is an “ordered gift,” for Fr. Reese, the emphasis is on “gift,” whereas for Fr. Sirico, the emphasis is on “order.” Fr. Reese is keen to point out St. Paul’s claim that all creation is groaning for redemption, whereas Fr. Sirico reminds us right off the bat of the unique human dignity involved in dominion.

The White House Is Looking For A Few Green Priests
Jason Plautz, National Journal

The White House in July will honor faith leaders who are working on climate change and other conservation issues in their communities. Officials this week put out calls for nominations from the community for clergy members, faith group organizers, and lay leaders who have connected with faith groups on climate change.

Pope: Climate Change a serious ethical and moral responsibility
Lydia O’Kane, Vatican Radio

In his message to Mr. Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Minister of the Environment of Peru and President-Designate of the Conference or COP 20, Pope Francis expressed his closeness and encouragement, that the work being done at the meeting would be undertaken with an open and generous mind.

Pope’s encyclical on environment stirring both hope and anxiety
Peter Smith, San Angelo Standard-Times

Some Catholics, however, are wary. Kishore Jayabalan, who directs the Rome office of the Michigan-based Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which promotes free-market capitalism, said he hopes the pope emphasizes “our freedom and responsibility in caring for God’s creation” and the poor.

Getting ahead of the spin on the pope’s environmental encyclical
John L. Allen Jr., The Manila Times

The ambition of the document, in other words, won’t be to change the political landscape, but rather individual hearts. The underlying conviction will be that if you re-orient lives and attitudes, the politics will take care of itself.

Pope Francis to Release Ecology and Human Development Encyclical
Jesuits USA Northeast Province

Finally, Pope Francis has charged all Christians with the fundamental duty of protecting creation. In the earliest chapters of Genesis, scripture names creation as God’s work, born out of love for humanity. If humanity does not safeguard creation, make it flourish, then we are not concerned with God’s incredible gift. In order to promote the lifestyle changes necessary to be protectors of creation, each person needs a radical and fundamental change in attitude to creation, to the poor and to the priorities of the global economy.

Day of action and prayer on Climate Change – Wednesday 17 June
Ellen Teague, Independent Catholic News

On Wednesday, 17 June 2015, there will be a day of action, solidarity and prayer in Central London on the subject of climate change. It is an ideal opportunity to talk with newly-elected MPs after May’s general election and before December’s crucial international climate talks in Paris.

Climate debate takes global pulse

Pope Francis is also expected to issue a landmark encyclical on climate change later this year.

Santorum: Climate change about ‘political science’
Mark Hensch, The Hill

“The pope can talk about whatever he wants to talk about,” Santorum said when asked about his earlier criticism of the religious leader’s stance on climate change. “It’s about what he should put his moral authority towards,” he said. “I think there are more pressing problems confronting the Earth than climate change.”

Chris Wallace to Rick Santorum: If The Pope Shouldn’t Talk About Climate Change, Why Should You?
Real Clear Politics

The Church has gotten it wrong a few times on science. And we probably are better off leaving science to the scientists and focusing on what we do — what we’re really good at, which is — which is theology and morality.

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