EcoLinks 06.10.15
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EcoLinks 06.10.15

Video: Catholicism and the challenge of ecology
Catholic News Service

7 Things to Expect from Pope Francis’ Upcoming Encyclical
Ryan Mayer, Catholic Vote

“Environmentalists” and other neo-pagans are already claiming the encyclical as proof that Pope Francis is the radical lefty they hope and think he is, while those more wary of eco-extremism and enviro-politics are already playing the part of apologists, carefully explaining what does and does not fall under the competence of the teaching office of the Successor to Peter. A lot of minds are already made up…and all we know for sure is the title.

Pope Francis and Climate Change
Kim Haines-Eitzen, Huffington Post

Pope Francis is about to release an encyclical on climate change and the anticipation has been mixed: some foresee an environmental rallying cry to Catholics everywhere. Others find it a reprehensible caving to politics and theories. But church history makes one thing clear: if he uses language that calls for a reconsideration of the human-environment relationship, he will be standing in a long tradition of “creation care.”

Pope to publish encyclical on climate change
James Sullivan,

The encyclical is expected to read as a pastoral call to conserve and take care of the planet and its resources for ourselves and future generations.

Climate encyclical expected to send strong moral message to the world
Barbara J. Fraser, Catholic News Service

Some politicians have already questioned the pope’s credentials for wading into the issue of climate change, but that is only one of several environmental problems the pope is likely to address, said David Kane, a Maryknoll lay missioner in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, who works with Maryknoll’s Faith-Economics-Ecology Program.

Rabbis: Scripture Says ‘If We Refuse To Let Earth Rest, It Will Rest Anyways’
Ari Phillips, Think Progress

Together the United States and Israel are home to more than 80 percent of the world’s Jews. This significance is not lost on the rabbis, who note that while the U.S. is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis, Israel is one of the more vulnerable. The letter states that that Israeli scientists have predicted that under a business-as-usual scenario in which greenhouse gas emissions are not heavily mitigated, “the Negev desert will come to swallow up half the state of Israel, and sea-level rises will put much of Tel Aviv under water.”

‘Blessing Of The Bikes’ Helps Churches Make Climate Change A Local Issue
Ron Csillag, Huffington Post

An “Evangelical Climate Initiative” issued in 2006 has been signed by hundreds of religious leaders, and the Vatican held a one-day summit in late April to “elevate the debate on the moral dimensions of protecting the environment.” Pope Francis is preparing this summer to issue an encyclical — one of the most authoritative church documents — framing climate change action as a moral and religious imperative.

Countdown to the Environment Encyclical: 8. Stability of Earth
Ellen Teague, Independent Catholic News

An important opportunity for us in Britain is a day of climate action at Westminster on Wednesday 17 June. This will be the UK’s biggest ever meeting with MPs on climate change…. I am meeting mine at 2pm. It starts with two simultaneous ecumenical services at noon, and it is significant that two of our bishops – Patrick Lynch and John Sherrington – will be reading at the services. It will be an unforgettable, colourful day of fun, community spirit and inspiration and a big step towards building a better and more stable world for us.

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