PowerLinks 06.11.15
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PowerLinks 06.11.15

Africa wasn’t always about poverty–so why do so many believe that’s the case?
Johan Fourie, Quartz

For too long, Henry Morton Stanley’s reference to Africa as the Dark Continent held sway. Not only was the African interior terra incognito, but so too was its past.

What the West Needs to Know About the Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Zoe Romanowsky, Aleteia

An interview with author George J. Marlin of Aid to the Church in Need.

What’s Dignity for the Goose Is Dignity for the Gander
Richard Reinsch, Library of Law and Liberty

If state marriage laws are primarily about bestowing dignity on adults, as opposed to the more limited social purpose of connecting fathers and mothers to each other and to their children, then it’s curtains for those defending marriage as an institution grounded in heterosexual complementarity. But we already knew that.

How the Sabbath Keeps Work from Being the Meaning of Our Lives
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Man was created by God for work (Genesis 2:15). For the Christian, life without work is meaningless; but work must never become the meaning of one’s life.

Joe Carter

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