PowerLinks 06.26.15
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PowerLinks 06.26.15

Supreme Court upholds broad housing discrimination claims
Lawrence Hurley, Reuters

A divided U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday embraced a broad interpretation of discrimination claims allowed under the landmark Fair Housing Act, handing a victory to civil rights activists who had feared the justices would rein in such lawsuits.

Religious Freedom Can’t Depend on a Whim
Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

It may be that even the Obama administration would not seek to lift the tax-exempt status of Catholic, Mormon, evangelical or even Orthodox Jewish institutions over their rules about gay relationships. But that is merely a momentary pause.

How John Roberts abandoned conservatives
Matt K. Lewis, The Week

If you believe that the purpose of the court is to rule on what the law actually says, not what it should have said, then Roberts has failed.

On Obamacare It’s the Supreme Court vs. Rule of Law
David Harsanyi, Reason.com

Roberts, abandoning law, laments that Obamacare was drafted in a haphazard and vague way, right before ruling that laws can be implemented in any way the executive branch sees fit, as long as judges deem its intentions righteous.

Joe Carter

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