PowerLinks 06.29.15
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PowerLinks 06.29.15

Who is the philosopher who holds so much influence over Pope Francis?
Matthew Schmitz, Washington Post

“Laudato Si,” Pope Francis’s letter on the environment, has captured the world’s attention, but few have considered how heavily it draws on the work of a little-known German philosopher-priest.

The tangled web of low-income housing tax credits, the Fair Housing Act, and disparate impact
Alan D. Viard, AEI

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project that the Fair Housing Act authorizes lawsuits to challenge housing policies that have a disparate impact on racial minorities, even in the absence of discriminatory intent. As Justice Alito’s dissenting opinion explained, the Court’s holding is not supported by the text of the Fair Housing Act.

How a Supreme Court decision for gay marriage would affect religious institutions
David Masci, Pew Research

As the Supreme Court prepares to release its decision on gay marriage, some legal scholars and others are trying to determine how a ruling granting same-sex couples a constitutional right to wed might affect religious institutions. It’s a question on the minds of the justices too.

How the Supreme Court Housing Decision Will Hurt, Not Help, Poor Americans
Hans von Spakovsky, The Daily Signal

The news about the Supreme Court’s abysmal decision in King v. Burwell, in which the majority assumed the job of Congress and rewrote an unambiguous provision of SCOTUSCare (formerly Obamacare) to change it, obscured the release of a second, similarly awful opinion by the court today.

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