PowerLinks 07.16.15
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PowerLinks 07.16.15

The Best Way to End Homelessness
Alana Semuels, The Atlantic

The first-ever large-scale study on the topic finds that permanent, stable housing can be more cost-effective than shelters.

The Enduring Significance of Edmund Burke
Russell Kirk, The Imaginative Conservative

Order in society: an arrangement of things not according to an abstract equality, nor yet according to a utilitarian calculus, but founded upon a recognition of Providential design, which makes differences between man and man (and God and man) ineradicable and beneficent. This, I think, is the idea fundamental to Burke’s liberal conservatism, and this is the principle to which all real conservatives after him clung.

Don’t Supersize the Minimum Wage
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, City Journal

Boosting New York’s fast-food hourly wage to $15 will kill jobs and raise prices.

Nuns challenge policy on contraceptive access
Robert Pear, New York Times News Service

Four federal appeals courts have upheld efforts by the Obama administration to guarantee access to free birth control for women, suggesting that the government may have found a way to circumvent religious organizations that refuse to provide coverage for some or all forms of contraception.

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