PowerLinks 07.03.15
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PowerLinks 07.03.15

Major US foundations committing millions for campaign to eliminate religious exemptions
Catholic World News

Several major American grantmaking foundations have committed millions of dollars to a campaign to eliminate religious exemptions to gay-rights laws, the Catholic News Agency (CNA) reports.

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hard to Track Proves Harder to Fight
Caroline Reilly, Frontline

Oksana was promised a good job with good pay when she came to the United States from Ukraine. But when she arrived in Philadelphia to meet her new boss, things were not as she expected.

Can a Catholic be a Collectivist?
James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Should Catholics today work, as a matter of conscience, toward ever broader bureaucratic responsibility for human well-being in general?

State Supreme Court Ruling: ‘State Employees are Subject to Right-to-Work’
Jack Spencer, Michigan Capital Confidential

Court rules 4-3 that Civil Service Commission can’t require involuntary payments to union.

Joe Carter

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