PowerLinks 08.05.15
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PowerLinks 08.05.15

Seattle CEO Praised for Raising Employees’ Salaries to $70K Now Says He’s Struggling to Stay Open
Ray Nothstine, Christian Post

The CEO of a Seattle-based credit card processing company who promised employees an automatic salary of $70,000 is now renting out his house to try and keep the company afloat.

Why The Little Sisters of The Poor Are Right to Be Concerned About Their Religious Freedom
Elizabeth Slattery, The Daily Signal

The Obama administration continues its persistent attack on the Little Sisters of the Poor following their challenge to the Obamacare abortion drug mandate.

Lawmakers to demand full accounting on human trafficking report
Alex Wilts and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters

Senior U.S. lawmakers expressed concern on Tuesday about whether the State Department’s annual global report on human trafficking may have been watered down due to political considerations and vowed to demand a full accounting at a Senate hearing this week.

Why Conservative Governors Are Embracing Criminal Justice Reform
John G. Malcolm, The Daily Signal

It used to be that, like entitlement spending, criminal justice reform was a third rail in politics—touch it, and you could be sure that your next opponent would run a commercial saying you were “soft on crime.” It was a one-way ticket to “Loserville.”

Joe Carter

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