EcoLinks 08.20.15
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EcoLinks 08.20.15

Pope Francis Takes Stance on Climate Change: “For the care of Creation”
David, Clapway

The encyclical states that the introduction of new technology as a way to combat global warming has proved to be ineffective overall. Instead, Pope Francis claims that the challenge of combating climate change isn’t about finding the right technology to do the job, but about accepting full responsibility for the environment’s poor shape, and taking the right steps to start actively helping to fix it. According to the Pope, climate change is something that all of us are equally responsible for, and is a fight that we are all morally obligated to participate in.

Pope Francis’ Climate Change Epiphany: A revolutionary partnership between the Roman Catholic Church and science
Lois Parshley, Popular Science

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, says the Pope’s message might prove more effective than 30 years of scientists’ efforts to communicate the urgency of climate change.

Rethinking the solution for poverty: Pope Francis’ prescriptions could perpetuate disease and premature death
Paul Driessen, The Washington Times

Thankfully, human life expectancy and societal wealth has surged dramatically over the past two centuries. None of this would have been possible without the capitalism, scientific method and fossil fuels that at U.N., Environmental Protection Agency, Big Green and Vatican policymakers now want to toss into history’s dustbin.

The Pope, Climate Change and the Cultural Dimensions of the Anthropocene
Andrew J. Hoffman, Ecology Today

Many have compared Pope Francis’ letter to the 1891 Encyclical Letter “Rerum Novarum” or “Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor,” in which Pope Leo XIII addressed the condition of the working classes. In offering a way to understand the unprecedented confusion of clashing capitalist and communist notions of labor in the midst of the industrial revolution, Rerum Novarum has become a foundational document for Catholic social teaching.

Islamic Leaders Issue Declaration On Global Climate Change: Do Not Strut Arrogantly On The Earth
Jim Algar, Tech Times

It follows the recent encyclical from Pope Francis concerning climate change and the environment, with Catholic leaders expressing support for the Islamic declaration. Cardinal Peter Turkson, the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace who helped draft the papal encyclical, said he welcomed the declaration “with great joy, and in a spirit of solidarity.”

19 Arrested Protesting Gas Storage in Salt Caverns, Including Famed Chef Tony Del Plato
Sandra Steingraber, EcoWatch

Schuyler County deputies arrested the 19 protestors shortly after 7 a.m. as they read aloud from Pope Francis’ recent encyclical letter on climate change, “On Care for Our Common Home.” All were taken into custody, charged with trespassing and released.

How to correctly engage with Catholicism and Islam in public commentary
Denis Dragovic and Ali Mamouri, The Conversation

But the allure to ignore this complexity appears too strong for some who borrow a few verses from the Quran to argue that Islam is a religion of peace or, vice versa, point to other verses suggesting it to be a religion of war. Others, upon hearing Pope Francis’ teachings on the environment, demand Catholic politicians’ adherence yet ignore the more authoritative teachings on abortion or same-sex marriage.

EPA power plan needs careful thought
Jake Carter, Rapid News Network

“This isn’t opinion. It’s fact”. “As Pope Francis wrote in his encyclical on climate change, ‘the climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all.’ I am pleased that this administration, through this action, is taking these words to heart”. Commission staff are working to understand the rule and its implications, but the commission’s regulatory role for the Clean Power Plan will be limited to approving compliance costs passed on to customers from the utilities it oversees.

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