PowerLinks 09.14.15
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PowerLinks 09.14.15

Why Politics Can’t Drive the Gospel
Russell Moore

One of the reasons I say that it is good for American Christianity to no longer think of itself as a “moral majority” is that such a mentality obscures the strangeness of the gospel.

Kim Davis And The Rule Of Law
Richard Samuelson, The Federalist

Kim Davis views her stand as simply one of conscience rights, but it implicates many more questions about the rule of law and the democratic process.

The US government wants more students to do apprenticeships straight out of school
Anne Quito, Quartz

US president Obama announced plans for a hefty new investment in apprenticeship programs across the country.

Economists getting Africa wrong are a warning for the rest of us
Laura Seay and Kim Yi Dionne, Washington Post

In the conclusion to his excellent new book, “Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong,” economic historian Morten Jerven asks the question, “Do economists have a character flaw that makes them incapable of doing scholarly work on Africa?”

Joe Carter

Joe Carter is a Senior Editor at the Acton Institute. Joe also serves as an editor at the The Gospel Coalition, a communications specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and as an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. He is the editor of the NIV Lifehacks Bible and co-author of How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History's Greatest Communicator (Crossway).