PowerLinks 09.17.15
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PowerLinks 09.17.15

What Is a Christian’s Responsibility to Government?
R.C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

The New Testament gives us some broad principles on how we are supposed to respond to government. For example, Romans 13 elaborates on the origin and institution of government as something that God ordains.

Tax exemptions protect religious freedom. We should keep them.
Richard W. Garnett, Washington Post

Instead of asking whether churches and religious organizations deserve to be tax-exempt, we should ask why governments should be able to tax them at all. Taxation, after all, involves interference by the state, and in a free society such interference needs to be justified.

The Historical Argument Against the Minimum Wage
Ben R. Crenshaw

This week I shall advance the historical case against the minimum wage by showing the discriminatory origins of this popular public policy.

Here’s How Religion Shaped Margaret Thatcher’s Politics
Eliza Filby, The Daily Signal

Few people are aware that Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister 1979-1990 and one of the foremost politicians of the twentieth century, was a lay Methodist preacher before she entered politics.

Joe Carter

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