PowerLinks 09.18.15
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PowerLinks 09.18.15

How Do America’s Poor Really Live? Examining the Census Poverty Report
Robert Rector, The Daily Signal

Today, the Census Bureau will release its annual poverty report. It will almost certainly report that over 40 million Americans “live in poverty.” But what does it mean to be poor in America?

Inequality Hasn’t Made Americans Support Redistribution
The American Interest

Why, after forty years of rising economic inequality, does the American political consensus remain so market-oriented, at least relative to other industrialized countries?

5 questions every presidential candidate should answer on poverty
Robert Doar and Angela Rachidi, AEI Ideas

Any serious discussion among 2016 presidential candidates must address the issues facing low-income Americans. Despite the paucity and poor quality of our available data, there are certain facts about domestic need which any president should understand, and certain leadership questions that each candidate should be able to answer.

Religious Persecution Abroad and Us
Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Corner

A few days ago, I was on a panel at the In Defense of Christians National Leadership Convention on Capitol Hill discussing “Building Bridges between Eastern and Western Christianity.” The first question was about obstacles barring such bridges, leaving persecuted Christians somewhat out in the cold, even as their very existence in the birthplace of Christianity is in jeopardy.

Joe Carter

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