PowerLinks 10.12.15
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PowerLinks 10.12.15

India is as rich as the US in 1881. A mesmerizing graphic shows where every country falls.
Dylan Matthews and Kavya Sukumar, Vox

As of 2013, India had a GDP per capita of $5,200, as measured in 2005 dollars. For comparison, the US had a GDP per capita (again, measured in 2005 dollars) of $5,200 in 1881.

Replace Welfare With a Negative Income Tax
Michael Shindler, Manhattan Institute

Amid years of perpetual congressional gridlock and partisan rivalry, the notion that both Republicans and Democrats could come together in support of sweeping welfare reform seems laughable. Yet, if it were to happen, the likeliest candidate for such a reformative policy might be the negative income tax (NIT).

The Case for Choice in Education
Veronique De Rugy, The Corner

The answer is and always has been that throwing money at the problem of failing schools, especially when the money will be spent on teachers’ salary and consultants, does nothing to address the structural problems and disincentives to perform that exist in these schools.

Study: Democrats Moving Left Faster Than Republicans Moving Right
The American Interest

At least since the 2010 midterms, it’s been a liberal talking point that Republican extremism is to blame for political polarization and gridlock.

Joe Carter

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