PowerLinks 10.14.15
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PowerLinks 10.14.15

Conflict drives ‘alarming’ global hunger, report shows
Mark Kinver, BBC

Conflict is “development in reverse” and a key factor that is leaving almost 800 million without enough food, the 2015 Global Hunger Index has concluded.

Kuyper v. Benedict? This Is Not an Either/Or
Andrew Walker, Canon & Culture

The question of Christianity’s place in a rapidly changing society seems to be on everybody’s mind. Barely a day or week passes that even mainstream press is picking up on an undercurrent of conversation happening amongst religious conservatives.

Power-deficient India chooses electricity and economics over emissions goals
Craig Froome, Quartz

India’s formal climate pledge to the United Nations (UN) ahead of this year’s Paris summit highlights the crossroads at which the country’s electricity sector finds itself.

The Conservative Case For Criminal Justice Reform
Mike Lee, The Federalist

The newly introduced Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is just one necessary step of many necessary towards restoring broken people to wholeness.

Joe Carter

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