PowerLinks 10.16.15
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PowerLinks 10.16.15

A Biblical Answer to Poverty: God’s People and the Marketplace
Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today

We are eradicating poverty at faster rates than any economist would have predicted 30 years ago.

R.I.P., welfare?
Lawrence M. Mead, U.S. News & World Report

Reports of welfare’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

God or Mammon: Choosing Christ in a World in Crisis
Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative Conservative

One of the biggest and most dangerous temptations that Christians face is the addiction to comfort. Our desire for comfort and our unwillingness to sacrifice ourselves for others is at the root of much that is evil and destructive in the world.

What’s Behind Maine’s 22% Decrease in Food Stamp Recipients Since 2012
Kate Scanlon, The Daily Signal

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has announced that the state has fewer than 200,000 recipients enrolled in its Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for the first time since February 2009.

Joe Carter

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