PowerLinks 10.19.15
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PowerLinks 10.19.15

The Case for Private Property: A (New) Natural Law Analysis
Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

At a time when debates about economic inequality occupy significant attention in the public square, Adam MacLeod offers a fresh way forward for thinking about private property and its contribution to the common good by rooting property rights in a robust account of freedom and human flourishing.

Weaker Unions or Fair Politics? Controversial bill passes in Pa. Senate
Matt Maisel, Fox43

Pennsylvania’s state senate approved a controversial bill Wednesday which would prevent unions from taking money from workers’ paychecks and using it for political purposes.

How India is fighting corruption—using the very people who pay bribes
Daniel Hough, Quartz

How can policymakers most effectively tackle corruption? The question is hardly new. And over the years, it is one that many have given plenty of thought to.

U.S. actions could benefit persecuted Christians overseas
Tom Strode, Baptist Press

Oppressed Christians and other religious adherents around the world stand to benefit from recent actions by the United States government.

Joe Carter

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