PowerLinks 10.23.15
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PowerLinks 10.23.15

Not Just Jobs, Not Just Bibles: The Future of Fighting Extreme Poverty
Richard Stearns, Christianity Today

After a generation of massive global progress, aid and mission efforts are pointing the same direction.

Alabama court to poor offenders: Give blood or go to jail
Bonnie Kristian, The Week

In Perry County, Alabama, offenders who couldn’t afford to pay a fine at the local court house were presented with two options: Go to jail or give blood and get a $100 fine credit.

Religious freedom retreats in many countries, but not all
Erasmus, The Economist

Amidst all this gloom, the report found positive signs in a few places, including “encouraging improvements” in the status of Egypt’s large Christian population under the present regime.

States That Tax Less Give More, New Study Finds
Elise Daniel, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

A recent report by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) found that states that tax more give less.

Joe Carter

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