PowerLinks 10.27.15
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PowerLinks 10.27.15

How the invisible hand of the market literally saves lives
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week

It goes to show that when you let market forces play themselves out, you usually get a good outcome. What Economics 101 predicts would happen actually happened: A company with a monopolistic position tried to jack up the price of a product, only to be undercut by an enterprising firm.

Evangelicals and Animals
John Murdock, First Things

This is a tentative step back into a field that, in the absence of recent Christian leadership, has been mined by such fallacies as PETA’s assertion that “all animals are equal.” The cautious drafters bend over backwards to affirm that “we have no wish or desire to place this issue on a pedestal” and the statement closes by saying, “We need to work for the protection and preservation of all the kinds of animals God has created, while prioritizing human needs.”

Free Markets Make Us Healthier, Richer, and Happier
Marian L. Tupy and Chelsea German, Foundation for Economic Education

This morning, the Washington Post ran an article titled, “How free markets make us fatter, poorer and less happy.” Actually, the data suggest the exact opposite: free markets make us healthier, richer and happier.

Stat check: 1 in 10 of the world’s poorest adults is an American
Matthew Yglesias , Vox

Even Paul Buchheit, who wrote the piece, said it “seems impossible, with so many extremely poor countries, and it requires a second look at the data, and then a third look.” And he’s right. It seems impossible because it’s not true.

Joe Carter

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