PowerLinks 10.29.15
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PowerLinks 10.29.15

Money talk: It’s a part of the job
Barnabas Powell, The Pueblo Chieftan

Like most clergy I know, I’m uncomfortable with the topic, due to my perception of how my words will be interpreted: “Father wants a raise.” Or talk about giving, just two or three times a year, and it’s: “All Father talks about is money.” That’s what we clergy think you think we think. So we don’t like to bring it up.

The US military is chasing a runaway blimp over Pennsylvania—and it’s already a multibillion dollar boondoggle
Hanna Kozlowska, Quartz

Billed as “the future of defense” by military contractor Raytheon, the 17-year-old JLENS project has become a costly and ineffective “zombie” program, which has proven impossible to kill because of intense lobbying, an LA Times investigation found. Each JLENS blimp costs about $182 million, and the entire project has a pricetag of about $2.7 billion.

Your Dog Owns Your House
Anthony de Jasay, Library of Economics and Liberty

Did you know that your dog owns your house, or rather some portion of it? If this is not immediately obvious to you, you will find it helpful to consider some aspects of the ethics and economics of redistribution.

Blame Regulation, Not Capitalism
Jon Basil Utley, The American Conservative

Stagnant wages and standards of living are the product of too much government, not too little.

Joe Carter

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