PowerLinks 11.10.15
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PowerLinks 11.10.15

Want less corruption? Free the markets
Nicole Gelinas, New York Post

If you’re powerful enough to take someone’s home, it stands to reason that you’re powerful enough to reap some benefits on the side. But if you’re desperate for a retail job at a new government-subsidized mall, so what?

Pope Francis pushes labor rights, human trafficking fight
Inés San Martín, Crux

Pope Francis on Saturday burnished his credentials as a “labor pope,” calling for the protection of women in the work force, a stronger safety net for the unemployed, and time off from work as a right.

Knowing About Economics and Knowing Economics
Don Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek

There are people who know a fair amount, or even a great deal, about economics. To know a lot about economics, however, is not to know economics; it’s not to know how to think like an economist.

Big Government is young. Let’s not forget it
Alberto Mingardi, EconLog

If government grows fast, however, culture changes fast too. The sense of entitlement takes root easily in society.

Joe Carter

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