PowerLinks 11.17.15
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PowerLinks 11.17.15

Pope: Religious justification for Paris attacks ‘blasphemy,’ love of neighbor needed
Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter

Pope Francis on Sunday again strongly condemned the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, saying he wanted to express closeness to the families of the victims and calling any religious justification for such attacks “blasphemy.”

How a 200-Year-Old Anti-Catholic Law Is Ruining Kids’ Chance at a Quality Education
Mary Clare Reim, The Daily Signal

“Dismal.” “A train wreck.” That’s how people have characterized the results of this year’s National Assessment of Educational Progress.

C.S. Lewis and the Surprising Reason We Desire Fulfillment at Work
Andrew Spencer, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

In The Weight of Glory, a sermon preached in the Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin in 1941, C. S. Lewis describes some of that deep longing and offers hope for its fulfillment.

‘Ban Smoking’ Means ‘Evict Defiant Smokers’
Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View

As law-and-order hawks frequently forget, the problem with imposing draconian punishment is that their deterrent effect ends up considerably blunted by the natural reluctance of authorities to impose very harsh punishments on violators who are mostly harming themselves. Housing authorities already show reluctance to evict people who consistently fail to pay their rent. How many are going to be willing to regularly toss families out on the street because Mom smokes in the bathroom?

Joe Carter

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