PowerLinks 12.02.15
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PowerLinks 12.02.15

Pope Calls for End to Religious Violence at Central African Republic Mosque
Francis X. Rocca, Wall Street Journal

Pope Francis launched a call for an end to religious violence on Monday, capping his trip to Africa with a visit to a Central African Republic mosque that is a haven for Muslims fleeing violence by Christian militias.

Abraham Kuyper on the Sovereignty of God as Political Limit
Derek Rishmawy, Reformedish

Dutch Theologian and Statesmen Abraham Kuyper had a particular knack for taking high-level political theology and–instead of keeping it at an academic level–putting it into popular form for the benefit of the Dutch masses, the middle-class citizens he was burdened to shepherd and lead in both church and state.

Progressives against progress: Maybe the saddest thing you’ll read all day
James Pethokoukis, AEI Ideas

It is discouraging, sad almost, that Robert Atkinson felt he had to write “The Progressive Case for Productivity Growth: How a pro-productivity agenda can raise wages, lower inequality and sustain the middle class.”

Pay the Piper – And Let Only the Piper Call the Tune!
Don Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek

For the head of Planned Parenthood to self-righteously complain about the “politicization” of women’s health care as her organization receives hundreds of millions of dollars annually in government subsidies – money forcibly extracted by government from taxpayers and then given to Planned Parenthood – is an astonishing feat of hypocrisy. No one who is ethically mature demands money from Smith and simultaneously complains when Smith expresses opinions about how that money is spent.

Joe Carter

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