PowerLinks 12.07.15
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PowerLinks 12.07.15

A Lodestar of Religious Liberty
Arne Panula, Wall Street Journal

Dignitatis Humanae confirmed in 1965 a basic human right that today is under assault.

Shifts in family, work, and government support have changed the face of deep poverty in the US
Angela Rachidi, AEI Ideas

A new study by researchers at Columbia University analyzed deep poverty in the United States from 1968 to 2011. The report is based on their “historical supplemental poverty measure,” which — unlike the official poverty measure — reflects cost of living differences and includes government resources such as SNAP and the EITC. The report is their latest in a series using this measure, and focuses on deep poverty and the characteristics of those in deep poverty.

Why Environmentalism Needs Economic Freedom
Israel Ortega, Opportunity Lives

Although some of the headlining dignitaries have already departed in their private jets, the United Nations climate change summit in Paris continues apace. Amid the pomp and glamour, lofty promises (mostly from affluent countries) are being made while much scorn and ridicule is being directed at climate change skeptics.

Republicans divided by income over government’s role in ‘safety net’ issues
Meredith Dost, Pew Research

Republicans are far less supportive than Democrats of a strong government role on issues related to the social safety net, but it’s a subject on which the party has notable divisions within its ranks.

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