PowerLinks 12.08.15
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PowerLinks 12.08.15

Europe’s End-of-History Dream Dies
Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

Still obscure to most European elites (and to their American counterparts) is the understanding that neither the values nor the liberties of liberal civilization can long flourish if the religious and spiritual foundations of that civilization are allowed to decay, and are treated with scorn and neglect by society’s leaders.

Economic Lessons for Children from The Hunger Games
Matthew Rousu, Library of Economics and Liberty

The Hunger Games also does a good job of showing the poverty that results from this form of government control. An economy is not well-served when government violates people’s right to sort themselves into the work they can best accomplish.

Wellspring Living Helps Victims Of Sex Trafficking Rebuild Their Lives
Jay Caruso, Opportunity Lives

The city of Atlanta is known for its sports teams and its southern hospitality. Atlanta is the home base of Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, Home Depot and UPS. Unfortunately, it is also the largest hub for sex trafficking in the United States. Thankfully, organizations such as Wellspring Living exist to assist the victims of sex trafficking.

Bee of Good Cheer
Steven Hayward, PowerLine

We take the brief time out from the climate apocalypse in Paris—also known as “thermageddeon”—to make note of the official cancellation of the “Bee-pocalypse.”

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