PowerLinks 12.17.15
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PowerLinks 12.17.15

Entrepreneurship Center Of Easterly’s Hayek Lecture On Poverty Alleviation
Atlas Network

In his 2015 Hayek Lecture at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, development economist William Easterly explained that the most important factor in lifting people out of poverty is allowing free markets and entrepreneurship to flourish.

Human Rights As a Religion
Mark Movsesian, First Things

Human Rights purports to provide a grounding for morality and social order—what Christianity used to do. The problem, Scruton says, is that Human Rights is itself without foundation and therefore cannot play the role people wish to assign it.

Americans divided on government’s role in space exploration
Monica Anderson, Pew Research

From the moon landings to Star Wars, Americans have long had a fascination with space and affection for NASA, but today’s public is divided on what role their government should play in future space exploration.

Leftists Are The Economic Science Deniers
Patrick Hedger, The Federalist

Several major Obama administration positions fly in the face of widely accepted economic theories, even those taught in Economics 101. This includes climate change.

Joe Carter

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