PowerLinks 12.31.16
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PowerLinks 12.31.16

Five Poverty Busters You Should Know
Bruce Wydick, Christianity Today

Why? Because research shows they are making a real difference.

Why Is the Middle Class Shrinking?
Steven Horwitz, The Freeman

A close look at the data shows that the middle class has shrunk since 1971 because more members of the middle class have moved up the income ladder than down it.

Why I am not a ‘capitalist’
James Pethokoukis, AEI

The short form should be called innovism, meaning trade-tested betterment, because if it’s just innovation that isn’t enough. President Obama thinks he can tell people that wind power is a good innovation. But innovation is not enough. It has got to be tested, whether it is profitable, to work.

The Most Educated Poor in History
Bryan Caplan, EconLog

“As the adults migrated up the educational bins, they took the poverty into the higher educational bins with them”

Joe Carter

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