PowerLinks 01.13.16
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PowerLinks 01.13.16

Minimum Wage Dishonesty
Walter E. Williams, Creators.com

It is incompetence or dishonesty for my fellow economists to deny these two effects of minimum wages: discrimination against employment of low-skilled labor and the lowering of the cost of racial discrimination.

How Do You Tax Bitcoin?
Adam Chodorow, Slate

Should governments consider it a currency or property? The answer could determine Bitcoin’s ultimate viability.

Humans Innovate Their Way Out of Scarcity
Marian Tupy, Reason.com

Decline in commodities prices since the 1960s illustrates the enduring wisdom of Julian Simon.

Ranked: The economies of all 50 US states and Washington, DC, from worst to best
Andy Kiersz, Business Insider

We ranked the economies of all the states and DC on seven measures: unemployment rates; GDP per capita; average weekly wages; recent growth rates for nonfarm payroll jobs; GDP; house prices; and wages.

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