PowerLinks 01.18.16
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PowerLinks 01.18.16

6 Ways to Live as Christians in the City
Jeff Haanen, For the Life of the World

Here are six movements Greg Thompson encouraged us to make as Christian people living in cities today.

The Power and Potency of Local Cultural Engagement
James Clark, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

While there is good work to be done in and through such institutions, most of us will never find ourselves in a position to exert that kind of influence. But, what we do in our local spheres of influence is not meaningless just because the effects are smaller in scale.

Three Bipartisan Ways To Fight Poverty At The Local Level
Tom Rogan, Opportunity Lives

Democrats and Republicans often disagree about poverty-reduction policies, but we should consider new bipartisan opportunities whenever and wherever possible. Consider policy options to fight poverty at the local level.

Why ISIS Is Directing Jihadists to Wear Christian Symbols
Robin Simcox, The Daily Signal

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIS, or ISIL) has previously taken manpower, territory and funds from al-Qaeda. Now, it is taking its instruction books.

Joe Carter

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