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Acton Institute named a top think tank in the world in new report

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Acton Institute and Instituto Acton have taken top spots in a new ranking. Earlier today, the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tank & Civil Societies Program released the 2015 Global Go-To Think Tanks Report which maintains data on almost 7,000 organizations worldwide and creates a detailed report ranking them in various categories.

Acton was named in five categories and Instituto Acton was named in one. See the highlights:

  • Acton Institute is 9th (out of 90) in the Top Social Policy Think Tanks ranking (9th in 2014).
  • Acton Institute is 29th (out of 75) in the Top Think Tanks in the United States (29th in 2014).
  • In Top Think Tanks Worldwide, Acton ranks 155th (out of 175) (previously unranked).
  • 10th in Best Advocacy Campaign (11th in 2014) for PovertyCure.
  • 17th (out of 61) in Best Think Tank Conference (17th in 2014) for Acton University.
  • Instituto Acton was ranked 100th (out of 144) Best Independent Think Tanks.

Instituto Acton (formerly known as Instituto Acton Argentina) became a subsidiary of the Acton Institute in the spring of 2015. Led by Executive Director Cecilia G. de Vázquez Ger, this organization conducts its work primarily in Spanish and promotes a free and virtuous society in Buenos Aires. This is the first time Instituto Acton has been ranked in the report.

The Think Tank & Civil Societies Program has a rigorous ranking criteria which includes: the “quality and commitment of the think tank’s leadership;” the “quality, number, and reach of its publications;” the think tank’s “reputation with policymakers;” its “media reputation;” its “ability to produce new knowledge;” “financial stewardship;” and the organization’s “impact on society.”

Read the full report here. See Acton’s press release on the report here.

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